Innovative golfing products from BallKaddie™ - for hassle free golfing! What our customers say


"Brilliant..... can't believe that no-one has designed one of these before!"

"...especially popular with Corporate clients...."

"...neat, light and time-saving..."

"....Ingenious new device... fast, one-handed action..."

ideal golfing gifts for hassle free golfing!BallKaddie™
Ball Dispenser

Carry your golf balls and access them on the course at the touch of a fingertip

An ingenious new Patent Pending product called BallKaddie™ is set to impose order on golf courses worldwide enabling golfers to store, carry and access their golf balls at the touch of a finger tip.

Over 30 years of commercial experience and a passion for golf has been invested in the design, development and launch of BallKaddie™.

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